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Solargon Savings

May 18, 2009



ICS SIPs form an extremely energy-efficient building envelope

Saves energy and reduces pollution by reducing heating/cooling loads

Saves trees with lower lumber requirements

No formaldehyde or VOCs

Uses agricultural-based materials

Helps prevent mold and mildew

Blocks airborne pollutants

No asbestos, glass, or cellulose fibers

ASTM Class 1 Fire Resistance Rating

FEMA Class 4 Flood Resistant Material

Winner of the EPA 2004 Stratospheric Ozone & Climate Protection Award

 Save Time!

Fast  Building Assembly Time

Eliminate most onsite Framing

Reduce Weather Delays

 Electrical Rough-in Ready

Eliminate inefficiency onsite

Insulation Included and Installed

Save Money!

Less Jobsite Waste

Less Time from Loan to Close

Less Jobsite Labor & Overhead

Lower Utility Bills

Lifetime Warranty

Save Energy!

Eliminate Air Infiltration

Eliminate Convective Heat Loss

R-28 with 4.5” Walls or Roofs- Standard framed wall R-13

R-42 with 6.5” Walls or Roofs- Standard framed wall R-19

Advantages of the octagon plan

Compared with a square, an octagon encloses approximately 20% additional space with the same perimeter.
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