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Winter Comfort

December 30, 2009

Winter is long in Colorado and Bob Sutherland is enjoying his Solargon 30 mountain home.


November 21, 2009

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Sand Creek Update

November 4, 2009

Finished Sidinguntitled-1

 The Sand Creek Solargon will feature solar hot water on the shed roof (3 3 x 7 panels), and solar pv ground mounted next to the shed. The well has its own two solar pv panels for the pump, and we have run the wiring so that those can be used for general electricity when not supporting the pump.”
 To see the complete assembly web album click here

Solargon 30-10

October 22, 2009



Pictured above is our Solargon 30 model with 10′ high walls. This allows enough height for a loft area above the main floor. The 6″ walls and roof panels give this building envelope an insulation R-value of 42. Windows face southeast, south, and southwest  for solar heat gain.  Click here to see web album.

Solargon Savings

May 18, 2009



ICS SIPs form an extremely energy-efficient building envelope

Saves energy and reduces pollution by reducing heating/cooling loads

Saves trees with lower lumber requirements

No formaldehyde or VOCs

Uses agricultural-based materials

Helps prevent mold and mildew

Blocks airborne pollutants

No asbestos, glass, or cellulose fibers

ASTM Class 1 Fire Resistance Rating

FEMA Class 4 Flood Resistant Material

Winner of the EPA 2004 Stratospheric Ozone & Climate Protection Award

 Save Time!

Fast  Building Assembly Time

Eliminate most onsite Framing

Reduce Weather Delays

 Electrical Rough-in Ready

Eliminate inefficiency onsite

Insulation Included and Installed

Save Money!

Less Jobsite Waste

Less Time from Loan to Close

Less Jobsite Labor & Overhead

Lower Utility Bills

Lifetime Warranty

Save Energy!

Eliminate Air Infiltration

Eliminate Convective Heat Loss

R-28 with 4.5” Walls or Roofs- Standard framed wall R-13

R-42 with 6.5” Walls or Roofs- Standard framed wall R-19

Advantages of the octagon plan

Compared with a square, an octagon encloses approximately 20% additional space with the same perimeter.

Geometry of an Octagon

May 7, 2009


Solargon 30 floor plan

Solargon 30 floor plan

The layout for an octagon using only a compass is elegantly simple.

Included With the Solargon 20

May 3, 2009